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Camisoles, Breast Forms and Bras: Post Breast Surgery Products from KHS Part I

Posted on: October 16th, 2012 by Knueppel HealthCare Services No Comments

Women are discovering that there are many ways to restore their appearance and renew their self-confidence following breast surgery. The decision to choose a breast form is a very personal one–a choice made by about 80% of the women who have undergone breast surgery. Working in a warm, caring environment with certified consultants who are compassionate and sensitive to your special needs makes the fitting process a positive experience. We know the road to recovery holds many challenges, and we want to make this time easier for you by helping you look and feel better and maintain a positive outlook.


Post-surgical Camisoles

Post-surgical Camisoles are designed for comfort and function and offer light support. They are made of comfortable cotton Lycra, and incorporate lightweight breast forms to provide a natural shape without the weight of a silicone prosthesis and the restraint of a bra. Camisoles are designed for use following breast surgery, especially when a woman needs time for her body to heal before she can be fitted with a breast form.


Camisoles for Function and Comfort

Breast Forms

Silicone breast forms are worn externally to closely simulate the look of a natural breast and help restore the body’s balance. Breast forms are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate various body types, breast shapes, skin tones and surgeries. Lifestyle is also a consideration when choosing the right form. Traditional silicone breast forms are available in many styles and are designed to be worn in a specially fitted, pocketed bra.


Silicone Breast Forms Help Restore the Body's Balance

Lightweight breast forms are used when there are extenuating circumstances like lymphedema, shoulder pain or other physical problems. Attachable and self-adhering breast forms are designed to be worn directly against the body. Because they redistribute the weight from the shoulder to the chest wall, these forms are ideal for women experiencing lymphedema or shoulder discomfort. In addition, they offer the added benefits of fashion freedom to wear designer bras, swimsuits and lingerie, and a complete sense of security when engaging in activities like tennis, golfing, jogging and swimming.


Custom breast forms are a non-surgical alternative to reconstructive surgery. In addition to full breast forms, custom nipples and partial forms are available to augment reconstructed and partial surgery (lumpectomy) sites. After casting the chest wall, the forms are made to adapt to the contours of the surgical site for a completely customized fit and natural appearance. They are individually designed to closely match the existing breast, areola and nipple in size, shape, slope, and color.


Partial silicone breast forms, or symmetry enhancers, are used for restoring symmetry that is lost following partial surgeries (lumpectomy) and breast reconstruction. They are also used to augment congenital asymmetry. Symmetry enhancers even out and restore shape, and soften and contour implants.


Symmetry Enhancers Help Restore a Balanced Figure

Non-weighted breast forms are usually made of foam or fiberfill and are generally used immediately following surgery, but can also be used for leisure, swimming and sleeping.


Specialty Bras

Specialty bras are designed to be comfortable and supportive with special pockets to securely hold the breast form in place. They are made in contemporary styles with subtly-embossed fabrics, delicate lace and color options. Alterations and modifications are performed on-site for a customized and comfortable fit. Styles include:

  • Bandeau bras with and without fiberfill lining
  • Front closure bras
  • Leisure and sleep bras
  • Long-line and ¾ length bras
  • Molded seamless cups
  • Plus-size bras
  • Seamless bras
  • Sports bras
  • Underwire bras

    Specialty Fashion Bras



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