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Mark Our Words: Seniors Will Be on the Losing End of Competitive Bidding

Posted on: June 5th, 2013 by Knueppel HealthCare Services No Comments

Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program, which is slated to begin in the Milwaukee area on July 1st, is bad news for seniors. KHS has been fighting for several years to stop this program that will limit the choices seniors have to get the products they need and ultimately result in poorer quality products.


Rollator Walker

Rollator Walker

As a company KHS bid responsibly to provide specific ‘bid category’ products to the local Medicare population, but around the country other providers were not so conscientious.  As a result, in regard to seniors getting walkers, Milwaukee area seniors might have to contact a company 1600 miles away in Miami, FL.

 In fact, I just called a company in Louisville, KY, one that won a contract to supply walkers to the Milwaukee area, to ask about a walker for my mother in Milwaukee and the person who answered the phone said, “This is Louisville, Kentucky, doesn’t she have one nearby?…I don’t know about Wisconsin.” EXACTLY OUR POINT!

 Seniors in the other regions of the country where the competitive bidding process has already been implemented ended up spending more money because they paid out-of-pocket for products they could not get locally through the program. WHERE ARE THE SAVINGS FOR SENIORS?

Please contact your legislators and ask them delay this program so that it can be assessed for fairness and for the quality of service to seniors. An easy way to do this is to click here: http://action.aahomecare.org/9244/stop-medicare-bidding-program-home-medical-equipment/

Thank you!

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