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Posted on: September 26th, 2013 by Knueppel HealthCare Services No Comments

The WiTouch


The WiTouch (pronounced “why touch” as in WiFi) is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device utilizing TENS technology to specifically target and treat low back pain. It has been FDA cleared for over-the-counter sales.


If you have back pain and are looking for a drug free alternative to help you make it through the day, then the WiTouch may be right for you!


The function of TENS is really pretty straightforward. It works by suppressing the transmission of nerve pain, and reducing the sensitivity of pain. The WiTouch accomplishes this while being small, lightweight and discreet.  Its thin and flexible design allows the WiTouch to contour perfectly over the surface of the back for a perfect fit on virtually anyone. You can wear it under your clothes for treatment on your own schedule without any wires!


The WiTouch

The WiTouch


  • Drug Free solution with no side effects, no pills to take
  • Thin, lightweight, and flexible design perfectly contours the back for a perfect fit on almost any body type
  • Comfortable and discreet – wear under your clothing for hours of pain relief when you need it
  • Completely Wireless; no lead wires, bulky back wraps or belts
  • Portable and convenient for travel
  • Over 150 30-minute treatments before changing batteries
  • Replaceable Gel Pads for multiple back pain relief applications
  • As powerful as professional equipment
  • The WiTouch is Made in the USA
  • The wireless remote controls intensity level and power with just three simple buttons


FAQs @ WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit

1.) What is TENS?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a non-invasive, drug free method of controlling pain by the transmission of electrical stimulation to the body’s nerve or muscle fibers through the skin. Pain relief or supression is achieved by: Supressing the transmission of pain in nerves and increasing the discharge of the body’s endorphins, which reduces the sensivity to pain in the central nervous system . The WiTouch’s exclusive and patented waveform incorporates BOTH clinical theories of TENS to provide immediate and long-lasting pain relief. It provides a safe, easy to apply, medically approved pain management system for self-treatment when needed. The WiTouch is perfect for those with chronic low back pain.


2.) How long can I wear my WiTouch?

WiTouch can be worn all day. The device does not have to be removed between stimulation treatments.


3.) Can I use the WiTouch on another body area besides my back?

No, WiTouch is designed to specifically fit the back for the treatment of back pain and will not fit other body areas to allow optimal performance.


4.) Can I use WiTouch when I am working?

WiTouch can be worn at home or at the office, but it should not be worn in work settings in which heavy machinery is operated or any situation in which electrical stimulation can put you at risk of injury. WiTouch should not be worn during strenuous physical activity as this may affect the proper adhesion of the device.


5.) Do I have to use the Gel pads?

Yes, the WiTouch device can ONLY be used with the gel pads designed specifically for WiTouch. Attempted use of WiTouch without WiTouch Gel Pads can result in skin irritation or burns.

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